5 Things I’m Proud of in January

by - 2/02/2022 12:00:00 AM

January is my birthday month, this month really flew by, and we had a snowstorm my birthday weekend. I believe, seven years ago we actually had a blizzard on my Birthday. I'm truly thankful that I was able to enjoy my special day.  
5 Things I’m Proud of in January


I didn't go too crazy this month with shopping, I did purchase a few things for my birthday.


I started winter sowing, and I'm really excited about the process this year.


I slept in whenever I could, it's such a nice reward to be able to sleep in as a parent. It really feels nice.


In November I pretty much started my plan journey over. I am proud of myself for paying extra attention to my little plant babies and also learning about ways to ensure that they thrive. I added three new plants to the family which I'm really excited about.


I attended brunch my birthday weekend and had the most amazing experience. It was nice to get out of the house.

Do you have anything that you’re proud of?

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  1. I've not been on a brunch in ages. It is a nice way to spend time with friends.

  2. I love when I can sleep in. I usually do this on weekends.

  3. I am excited about gardening too. I love to admire my results later!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday! Good to know you that where able to go out and had fun. -LYNNDEE

  5. I am also a January birthday :) Sounds like you had a good month, and it is nice that you did some self care things.


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