Money-Saving Tips for Shopping at Target

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Target is hands down one of my favorite stores to shop at. I've been shopping at Target since the early 2000s. I remember it like it was yesterday the first time I stepped into a Target store. Target has changed so much throughout the years and offers so many wonderful perks. I love the changes that they've made to the beauty section, and it really has become a one-stop-shop. Over the years I've learned from trial and error ways to save. Below, I'm sharing tips that I use when shopping at Target.

Money-Saving Tips for Shopping at Target

ibotta App
The ibotta App is a wonderful resource for saving money. Whether the items are on sale, you can search and scan the time on the ibotta app to see if the item is on sale.

Shop Clearance
Target marks down items on a weekly basis. My local Target typically markdowns up to 70% off. During the holidays it's up to 90% off. Of course, there is no guarantee that the items that you want will stay in stock long enough to be marked down and go on clearance.

Target changes its sale items each week on Sunday. It's such a great way to save on everyday items that you love.

Bring Your Own Bag
Target gives you five cents for each reusable bag you bring. You're saving money while protecting the environment.

Target Circle
Become a member of Target Circle, you'll receive exclusive offers on the app.

Red Card
Becoming a Target Red Cardmember has so many amazing perks, one being receiving 5% off all purchases. What I love about the Red Card is that they have a debt option as well.

Price Match
This is something I have a ton for myself and I've saved so much money over the years. Make sure to check the price matching policy. I've learned that depending on the time of year Target does not price match. I believe one of the times that they do not offer price matching is during black Friday.

Do you shop at Target?

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  1. Target is a great place to shop at. I need to check out these items to save money

  2. Target is my favorite. I do a lot of these to save. The Red Card is amazing.

  3. Ooo! What great tips! I have to get a Red Card. My husband and I don't do credit cards, but if we paid it off every month, it might be worth it.

  4. Thanks for sharing these tips. They are so simple to follow and efficient.

  5. Shopping during on sale is a great way to go there plus of course the red card is a great help. I always bring my own bag too!

  6. I always look at the clearance areas before anything else!

  7. I love shopping at Target. It's one of my favorite stores to shop at. I always check out sales and clearance in any store.

  8. These are good strategies. I do enjoy using the Target app, and it's great for returns! No need to hang on to receipts. I'll have to check out the others.

  9. These are wonderful strategies. I like to shop in target. These are great tips I would love to use it next trip to Target.

  10. These are nice pointers and can be applicable in any shop here in our location, clearance sale is the best!


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