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For the last couple of years, I've been sharing with you guys my overall goals for the following year. I post this information on the blog for several reasons, and one is to keep myself accountable for my goals throughout the year. This year has taken so many twists and turns, and honestly, I didn't see a lot of it coming. This year I really worked hard on my reading goal, and I've already had excited my expectations. I might even share some of the books I read this year with you guys. I've also had been getting better at just not buying to buy I really started implementing that during the after Christmas sale last year. It's so easy to put things in your chart when they're 90% off or simply on sale. Below, I've crossed out the goals that I've really enforced in 2019. I still have so many areas in my life that I have to get better at. Do you have any goals?

Update: 19 Things that I want to Start, Stop and Splurge On

1. Read More- I did horrible reading this year. Not going to sugar coat it. I just have to get better at making time to read.
2. Date Myself- This year was the first time that I consistently dated myself. Even when I was single I never dated myself this much. I love every minute of it. I explored so many new places, and just had an overall good time.
3. Stop buying just to buy! - I did great with this in 2018, I want to continue to not buy just to buy.
4. Treat myself- I still struggle when treating myself, however, I jump for everyone else. I guess it's hard because I've stated that I want to stop buying to buy. It would be nice to treat myself though.
5. DSLR- (Learn how to shoot in manual mode) My photography has improved, however, I still don't know how to shot in manual mode.
6. Nails Done- I want to continue keeping my nails done. I did really great with it this year, and I want to continue with this routine in 2019.
7. Quality- I want to invest in a couple of high-end pieces for my wardrobe. I have to really narrow down the pieces I want and maybe create a buying schedule.
8. Planner- Spend more time using my planner, checking it daily, and really using it in depth.
9. Hobby- I didn't attend any classes this year, however, I'm still open to the idea. I love crafting and baking, and I just have to take time out for me.
11. Travel often - I didn't travel as much as I wanted to this year. I would love to travel more.
12. YouTube- I just did horrible with YouTube this year, not sure what's up with me. I just have to do better.
13. Language- Learn the basic phrases. (brownie points, if I learn a new language.)
14. Silhouette machine - Mid-year, last year I rearranged our home, and typically around this time of year, I use my machine a lot. However, I really do love using my silhouette and I have to get back into the habit of using more often.
15. Drink more water - For some reason, I struggle with drinking a lot of water during the colder months. I have to be more consistent with drinking water no matter what time of year it is.
16. Self-Care Day - This year I did pretty well with incorporating a self-care day. I know this wasn't mentioned in my last year. However, I really love having self-care days, and I want to try to be more consistent with having them.
17. Makeup- I've noticed that I've done well with doing my makeup, However, I haven't really done any dramatic looks. Not sure what's up with that, however, I really do enjoy playing in makeup.
18. Get Dressed Up - I noticed that when I'm dressed up my entire mood changes. I have to get better at being overdressed. I used to be really good about this.
19. Minimalist- I want to continue to purchase what I need and all areas of my life.

What are some of your 2019 Goals?

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  1. It is so good to see an honest self appraisal and it is hard to fulfill all your years goals but you accomplished many. I want to try this for myself and see how many i accomplish.

  2. This is a great idea. I need to write down my goals this year and maybe that will help me stick to it better.(Rena)

  3. I LOVE GIFTING OTHER PEOPLE - but I coming up with gift ideas for myself, ya that's terribly difficult and my husband is so mad at me for it! haha! Whoops!!! I hope you get yourself a SELF CARE day!!! <3

  4. These are such great goals! It looks like you've done well. I hope you get your self-care day soon.

  5. I think that everybody should have a list for themselves. A list to learn to take care of themselves better. These girls are really good and attainable. I'm going to have to do something like this.

  6. I love the idea of self-care days. I don't do it enough. Another thing I need to do is make more time for just my husband and me.

  7. I want to evaluate myself for the decade and I am slow at getting started. I want to make 10 year goals, too, since it is the start of a new decade!

  8. I love the goals you've set up for yourself. Writing them down becomes real life, and therefore, much more attainable.

  9. I need to work on some of these too. Good job keeping up with the goals you set. It's hard to set them and hold yourself accountable.

  10. Your list of goals gives me inspiration to set some of my own goals for the week and month! I'll have to get on that, glad to see your list! You will acheive them all, I bet!

  11. Well done on getting through some of your goals - I didn't set any this year, I struggle if I do with seeing myself fail, so I just don't and try my best.

  12. I love this very thoughtful list of goals! You absolutely need to treat yourself every now and then. It's easy to think of others, but we have to take care of ourselves too. How fun that you will also be concentrating on finding a good hobby this year. It's fun to explore new things!

  13. You've got a great list here. I would love to make a list for next year. I think it's a great idea and can really keep you on track with reaching those goals.

  14. Good job on your goals and reflecting back on it! I'll need to try this next year.

  15. You had some good goals. I also fell off with my water goal, but I'm still killing it with my fitness goals. Plus, there's still time left to get back intune with the goals you slacked on to get a headstart on next year.

  16. You really smashed a lot of your goals. I wish I had gotten this much done!

  17. when i get dressed up i def feel better about myself or when i do my makeup for no reason. great goals!

  18. Glad you kept track of your goals, this is inspiring me to create a list and track all of them for 2020


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