Shrimp + Cheese Grits

by - 9/09/2015 11:29:00 AM

So we currently have a heatwave going on in Connecticut. Hence the Sangria ( just kidding). I really dislike when I waste food, and I took some shrimp out and never made them. Luckily for me, they were still fresh and ready to be prepared. Since most Shrimp and grits base is made with some type of pork (as seen in the video below). I just scratched that out. As always, I used what I had on hand. I pretty much had everything except for green onions, heavy cream ( I used half and half). Also, I prepared the grits as directed on the package. I added the shredded cheese to my liking, and allowed the cheese to melt. 

Overall, this meal came out delicious and the sangria was just an extra bonus 

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