The Honest Reason Why We're Not Sending Holiday Cards This Year

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OK, so usually every year I collect family photos throughout the year and towards the end of October I select a few to add to our family Holiday card(s). This year I found this amazing deal on holiday cards. However, for some reason the resolution of the pictures I had on hand was low quality (I’m not sure what I did wrong while saving them.) The plan was to look on my computer to find the original picture. I only had one day left for the sale and I totally forgot all about it (Of course until the next day). I could have sent out regular holiday cards however “time got the best of me” I may send out a family newsletter instead (Just giving everyone an overall update). So yes, I forgot to order the cards, thus leaving us with no holiday cards this year. I know we still have time, however I'm thinking of an alternative for this year.  

Did you send out holiday cards this year? 

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