Fur Baby Update

by - 10/24/2013 06:40:00 AM


So if you follow me on social media then you know in August something happened to my fur baby. We had an issue with our dog being in love with another dog, and every chance he got he would escape from our house, and we would go running after him. Well, in August while I was in the process of going out of state. Teddy ran out of the house for his last time… we have no idea what happened to him. We strongly believe that someone dog napped him. We searched high and low, and still to this day no Teddy.

I cried for so many days…All I want is for him to be safe…he was a part of our family and we truly miss him…
At the beginning of September I accepted the fact that Teddy was never coming back home. I really struggled with the fact of owning another dog, and every feeling this way again. After mentally listing the pros/cons of owning a dog, I decided that we would give it another chance.


Since our home is so small, the best fit for our family is a smaller dog. After searching high and low for a dog, we found Lucky. He is a Poodle/ Terry mix. He is very loving and has his own personality. We are slowly but surely getting back into the groove of having Lucky in our home and family.


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  1. I am so sorry to hear what happened. I can't imagine something happening to our two fur babies. They are the light of our lives. I am glad you took a chance and opened you heart again to Lucky.


  2. Was popping by to link up at the party but saw this post instead! We too are welcoming a new pup into our family this week - a yorkshire terrier named buddy - looks a lot like your Lucky!


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