My Weekend At A Glance

by - 8/30/2013 06:18:00 AM

Hello (Waving hands)
How is everyone doing? Well these last couple of weeks has been pretty eventful for me. I have a couple of programs starting this fall with my nonprofit. Of course football season has pretty much started in my home. I’ve been wrapping people like crazy!! Did I mention mini-me started school on Tuesday? (Yes, he’s in 5th grade and I still wanted to cry like a baby… Anywho, I am trying to take more pictures, and actually share them.  I love taking pictures, however, when I’m at events. The last thing that comes to mind is lets me take a picture. I’m too busy enjoying myself. *sigh* well, I’m trying to get better, and I will post pictures to try to give you ladies an idea of what I’ve been up to. So stay posted!! (The pictures below are from last weekend)
How is everything?
(Off to my moms Birthday Dinner)

(My baby's Jamboree on Sunday)

(Me off to a Brunch)

(My attire for the brunch)
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  1. You look fabulous darling! Wow 5th grade! It will be here for me before I know it!

  2. Looking good. Mines is in football too it takes up so much time. make sure you get with me to put you on the website for your nonprofit


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