Free (or low cost) Summer ideas for the Kids

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Happy Friday Everyone!

Okay, so I have less than a month until my son is out of school for the summer. This year, I am trying to be proactive and create a list of things we could do. That is FREE or really cheap.
we have a couple of museums that are in pretty good driving distance. Some are free and some you have to pay for. Call your local museum to see if they have any days that children get in free.

Feed the Ducks or Geese
as a child, I really enjoyed going to feed the ducks. I know of the perfect location to bring my son to. With all the technology we have, you could just do a Google search or ask friends, and remember to hold on to some old bread.

My son loves going to our local pool. Unfortunately, we have to pay a small fee to get into our pool. However, most pools, rivers, and lakes are free. Don’t forget your towels and sunscreen

What about an awesome picnic? You could even have it in your own yard! Load up a basket and a blank and have fun. Don’t forget the bug spray

my son loves going to the playground and it is a huge bonus for him and it is also the perfect time for me to get my camera out.  Win, win right? Look around your neighborhood to look for a playground that would be a good fit for your children.

Make Popsicles
Treat the kids to a yummy snack. We have the cheapie Popsicle mold. Why not put it to use? The one thing that I love about this idea is that you can create your own flavors.

we have a golf course not too far from our home. I will also be looking for free kid-friendly golf courses. You could also create your own golf course in your own backyard

Dance Party
we have an Xbox and a Wii that we will be putting to your use with our dance party. You also could just turn on the radio or TV with kid-friendly music.

Paint Rocks
this is such a cool idea. I would love to locate a good size rock, paint it and add it to our soon-to-be garden. You could paint rocks that you already have or even gather up some rocks.

Bike Ride
I am so looking forward to this, my bike is in our garage just waiting for me.  We have several different bike routes near our home. If you do not have a bike and you have smaller children. Maybe you could walk alongside your smaller child who is riding the bike.

Decorating Cupcakes
we usually always have the items needed to bake homemade cupcakes. My son would love the opportunity to decorate his own. How cool would that be? This idea is super easy if you would prefer to use the box cake and frosting too. Just purchase the items needed in advance.

Many Zoos have free days. This may take a little research. Take advantage of those free days and just eat prior to going on this trip and remember to bring bottle water with you.

Visit your local Library
our local library is just walking distance from our home. They usually have tons of free stuff going on in the summer for all ages.  You could call, stop by or look on your local library website to see what they may have going on this summer.

Bake Cookies
Baking cookies is a major plus in our home and it is so fun too. I would suggest doing this on a day that it is not too hot outside unless you have central air. Your child would love to help you mixing and measuring the items.  You could also purchase the log or the cookie dough, roll the dough out and use a cookie cutter to create shapes.

Movies & Popcorn on a rainy day
we have Netflix and also take advantage of the movies at our local library. This is such a fun idea, especially with popcorn on the side.

Make S’mores
S’mores are a huge hit doing the summertime, and most children love s’mores too. Make sure to purchase the items in advance and leave them in a cool area. Also, try not to eat them too.

Fly Kites
You can make your own or purchase one from the dollar store. This would make wonderful memories and pictures too.

Board Games
we have tons of board games in our home, you could even make your own too. Kids love playing board games.

I think it would be such a fun idea to allow my son to plant his own garden or have a certain location in our garden that is designated to him, that he would have to maintain.

Do you have any summer time plans?????
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  1. Great ideas! I definitely will be doing some. My girls are already out but I have no plans yet. I've been so busy and schools still in for me. However I hope to make some plans soon.

  2. I'm so excited to do these things as my son gets older and can enjoy them! I work full time, but I hope we can get some time on weekends to enjoy the nice weather and watch him experience everything!

  3. Awesome ideas! Reece gets out next week so I'm excited to have some fun this summer! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout! You're being featured today!

  4. These are great ideas, we live in the desert so for us it is all indoor activites since it can get pretty hot outside.


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