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Getting rid of clutter can be done very simple. First start off by going through your items, by sections, closets, drawers, or rooms at a time, and get rid of everything that is not essential to you. Seeing how everyone has their own way of decluttering. I put together seven tips that have been helpful for me.
  1. Set aside time everyday to declutter an area in your home.
  2. Separate your wants from your needs.
  3. Donate whatever you are not currently using.
  4. Clean while you cook.
  5. Create a six months or a one year box (if you have not used or wore the items in that amount of time. You most likely do not need it.)
  6. declutter one room at a time
  7. Have a declutter day (set aside a couple of days a year where you spend the day decluttering your home).
What are your best decluttering tips?

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